gour-meat-try | \ gu̇r-mēt-trē \

noun: a selection of high-quality frozen beef, pork, lamb, chicken, seafood, vegetables, berries, and a range of condiments.

We always have awesome meat-ups

When a group of friends’ love for great-tasting food becomes a great source of fun and joy, we know it’s just meant to be shared.

Of all the cooked meals laid and served on our plates, we agree that one source of a great-tasting food experience is quality meat.

We cannot tell you the numerous times we’ve explored the great possibilities of cooking meat. Grilling, smoking, curing, ageing, frying, marinating – name it, we’ve done it. In the end, whether served with red wine or an ice-cold bottle of beer, the gatherings that surround these meaty dishes become a perfect backdrop for what we all call a delicious life!

Gourmeatry is our way of sharing these experiences.

We have carefully curated a selection of foods from all over the world so that you, too, could have a taste of what keeps us coming back for seconds and thirds. We have a wide range to choose from, and we guarantee each one has a special backstory of how well they were enjoyed.

Now it’s time to deliver them to your doorsteps. Allow us to share how our meat selections can also give you memorable ‘meat-ups’ with family and friends.

Delicious life? It’s the Gourmeatry way.

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